Just one cup of carrot juice will give you 322% your RDA of vitamin A! How incredible is that! I’ve got an amazing juice recipe made up of carrot juice, apple juice, lemon and ginger. It’s called ‘Carrot & ginger slammer’ and you can find it in search bar. I have it everyday and it’s incredible.

Here’s some facts about vitamin A:

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: -Strengthens immunity against infections -Helps vision in dim light -Keeps skin and the linings healthy


ABOUT: Vitamin A is divided into two types: plant based (carotenoids) and animal based (retinol). Retinol is found in meat, dairy, and fortified foods (like cereals, meal replacement shakes, energy bars, and margarine), and supplements. Because retinol can be toxic at high doses, intake of supplements should be monitored carefully.


SUPPLEMENTS Be careful of taking too much retinol. If you are taking a multivitamin try to get no more than 3,000 IU of the retinol form. Beta carotene supplements are a topic of much controversy after one study showed an increased risk of lung cancer in smokers taking beta carotene supplements. TAKEAWAYS Skip the supplements and fortified packed goods and get your Vitamin A from eating naturally fortified foods such as fruits and vegetables. Try my carrot and apple juice...I find carrot juice along is pretty grim!

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