"Seaweed and Eat It is the result of a serendipitous meeting in a primary school playground of two women in love with food and the outdoors, and a large quota of maternal guilt that our children might grow up with no real connection to the countryside and where their food comes from".

This is the opening chapter in the book 'Seaweed and Eat It' (by Fiona Houston and Xa Milne) from which this recipe is adapted. I love it. The jelly is really not about making jelly. I hate the stuff. It's about getting kids outdoors and the connection between the food they eat and where it comes from.

Seaweed Jelly made from Irish Moss Seaweed from Kingsdown Kent
Seaweed Jelly made from Irish Moss Seaweed

For me this recipe is about a fun couple of hours scouring the rockpools for Irish Moss seaweed; taking it home; preparing it; and then waiting to see if it's possible for seaweed to turn into a delicious wobbly jelly you want to eat and that doesn't taste of the sea!! The image below is what you're looking for. It has a reddish colour and is not like the seaweed in the large pic to which I've applied a filter. You may find this link useful for identifying the Irish Moss seaweed before you go out hunting! I printed the pics off the website and took down to the rock pools at Kingsdown beach to make sure I brought home the right one!

The taste of this jelly is delightful - organgy and fruity and not AT ALL tasting of the sea!

Irish Moss Seaweed from Kingsdown Kent
Irish Moss Seaweed from Kingsdown Kent

Please note, freshly foraged Irish Moss (carrageen) is not to be confused with the commercially made carrageenan.


  • 310ml fruit juice (I used grape juice). I know sugar. And lots of it. But the hunter gatherer experience and memories created with my son outweigh that for me.

  • 14g fresh Irish Moss (carrageen). Please note I used the measurements for this recipe from the book Seaweed and Eat It (mentioned above), however they do not specify if the seaweed should be dried or fresh. I used fresh and the jelly was not completely set and more wobbly than usual jelly, but still nice. The recipe may therefore have meant 14g dried. I suggest if you want it more solid then multiply the 14g by 5. Or's trial and error I think with this completely organic stuff. This was my first attempt so I haven't experimented with the measurements as yet.

  • 225g quartered strawberries, wild if you can find them

  • 125g raspberries, wild if you can find them

  • Zest of 1 orange, finely grated

  • Honey and maple syrup until you're happy with the taste


  • Place fruit juice and washed carrageen into a pan and bring to the boil.

  • Simmer gently for 10-15 mins

  • Add fruit, grated orange zest, honey and maple syrup to taste

  • Place in bowl and leave to set (I left mine overnight)

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