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In March 2018 I began a course in nutritional therapy so that I could understand how food affected our well-being both physically and mentally. I wanted to know what to feed my family and how to treat my health conditions through diet. Nutrition genetics is the study of the effect of food on our cells and consequently our health. This post is a brief introduction into the basics of how this works.

Food is much more than fuel. Food brings information into your body cells and DNA. The purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies and cells, not just to please our palette. It's important to remember this for the sake of our health. But this is hard to do when we're constantly bombarded with fast food options that seek only to please our palettes and not to nourish our bodies in the way food is supposed to. I believe that this is one of the reasons why our health is suffering and as someone who suffers from life-changing food intolerances this area is of particular interest to me.

Food brings information into your body cells and DNA and triggers a reaction. This response can be good. Or it can be bad. For example, reservatrol, the phytonutrient found in red grapes, activates the longevity genes inside the cell. But refined sugar, on the other hand, triggers the release of chemicals that cause swelling and autoimmune conditions. Both foods trigger a cell response. One good. One bad.

Food is more than just fuel. It brings information into your body cells and DNA.

Different compounds in our food:

  • Travel to the deepest cellular level

  • Alter our DNA

  • And, trigger a response from the cell

This study is known as nutrition genetics. Scientists have shown that the effect of food on genetic expression and cell function is a major cause of chronic disease today. Click for more.

Food can changes the behaviour of a cell. For better or for worse.

It's so important to eat well for a healthy immune system and to remember that we can change the way that our cells behave by the food we eat. Generally a diet of whole foods, cooked from scratch will nourish your cells and trigger a positive response and in theory keep you in good health.

The recipes on my website are all home-cooked from scratch. It's the food that I feed my family and the food which keeps my food intolerances under control. I focus on nutrition rich foods which will nourish the cells in our bodies.

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