When our son was born we decided we wanted a healthier lifestyle and traded in our 1 bedroom flat in Hampstead for a 3 bedroom house a stone's throw away from the beach. I left behind a hectic career in London where I ran a digital marketing agency in Holborn. Prior to that I'd always worked in the fast-paced world of media, designing for Tatler, The Sunday Times Style and The FT How to Spend It magazines.


After moving to the coast, I worked locally for a Toy company in Kent heading up a large team of creatives responsible for the visual identities of over 10 global brands. A job I loved, but in 2017 I became extremely ill and lost around 2 stone in weight. Initially doctors thought I had crohn's disease, but after undergoing several medical procedures they found no signs of damage to my colon and ruled this out. 


Once doctors had ruled out anything 'serious' I was left with the same problems, but no idea what was wrong with me. Since 2017, I've embarked on a journey to become well again and after a lot of research into nutrition and diet I've managed to get my symptoms under control. I was literally at the end of my tether until I tried a York Food intolerance test, which, with hindsight, was the fastest route to recovery. My results showed I was intolerant to yeast, dairy, gluten and eggs. This ruled out just about everything and, though not life threatening, was most certainly life changing. 


I was determined to still enjoy food and find something that worked for me as I didn't want to be a food bore. My husband has always been a big foodie and cooking has played a massive part of our lives since we met in 1996. So I needed to find a way to continue to enjoy eating!


The phrase 'healthy, happy, stronger' that appears on my website means a lot to me. I became healthier through learning about what foods my body needed to function well and once I did that I became happier. When I felt happy and nourished I felt stronger and back in control. 

The name of my website is 'RAWE FOOD' because I believe that everything we put into our bodies should start off in its raw form whether that be vegetables, fish or meat. I believe in cooking from scratch just like we used to before fast-food took over our lives. I can't eat processed foods because they usually contain gluten and I generally choose not to eat anything that has been made by corporations unless I know a bit about the way the food is created. 

I've collected my favourite recipes which don't make me feel like I'm missing out on good food. Some are my own. Some are borrowed. But they all share these same things in common; they are all tasty, nutritious and home-cooked. I use seasonal, local organic and wild foods wherever possible and I also balance my recipes with daily nutritional requirements to keep me and my family healthy. 

I'm incredibly passionate about nutrition because food has helped me regain my health when doctors were unable to. Understanding what affects wellbeing has helped to improve my life and turn what was a low point into something positive and worthwhile. In 2018 I trained as a Nutritional Therapist in my spare time in order to really understand what the human body needs to function at an optimum level.

If you want to hear from me more frequently I regularly blog on instagram as this is my favourite platform to use :) so please drop in there if you want to. 

I hope you enjoy trying the recipes and that you find some useful tips on nutrition that will help you to make good food choices for you and your family.

Ashley xx



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